Alert Hook, Ladder & Engine Company #1

 Congers Fire Department



Congers Fire Department Firematic Officers


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Damian Lennon

1st Asst Chief

Chris Multari

2nd Asst Chief

 Jason DiSalvo


Edward Mihalczo



1st Asst Lieutenant

Rich Von Ronn

2nd Asst Lieutenant

Marc Popkin

Chief Engineer

Christopher Frank

Asst. Engineer

Ryan Loock

Congers Fire District Board Of Fire Commissioners

Ronald Gaglione
Chris Wohl
Frank Heinemann
Tom Shields
Mike Graziano

Congers Fire Department Business Officers

President Mike Rivera
Vice President  Bill Moreno
Recording Secretary Scot Orser
Financial Secretary Tony Ramos
Treasurer Ken Kunz


Congers Fire Department Fire Police

Dave Elg
James Kunz
Dale Forsberg